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Bali Madu Sari – Tour Guide Rewarding System

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September 2017


Bali Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant


Web Application

About Bali Madu Sari

Bali Madu Sari is a Mountain Restaurant and Inn located in Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia. Many tour guides bring their guest to the Bali Madu Sari, simply for having a breakfast and lunch, or to stay at their inn.

Digital Artisans - Bali Madu Sari Portfolio

Our Works

Our works for them was to create a travel guide management system, to help them manage every tour guide that brings guests to the restaurant. By using this system, Bali Madu Sari management team can easily track which travel guide performs best, and give him/her appropriate reward for the job.


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Our Works

Our works for Balispirit was to recreate their website from scratch, by using new design and implementing content management module.


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